The Class of 2020 – A Class Like No Other

Stephanie Horsley, M.Ed., Newspaper Adviser

Today marks the end of the journey of the Somerset Canyons pioneer Class of 2020.  This was always the intended destination, but certainly not the intended path.  In 2013, the class of 2020 came through the doors of this school as the first 6th grade class. They had no gym, no courts and classes met in various buildings throughout West Boynton Beach.  Now, they leave the school with no gym, no courts and meeting in various homes throughout the county.  However, these students have shown tenacity and leave with much more than diplomas.  These seniors are comprised of students who rank among the best in the world in their subject areas and men and women who will fight for their country on battle fields, in hospital rooms and in classrooms.

Some of the school’s first students celebrate as they drive through the procession.

Caps and gowns were delivered in the rain as students waited in cars to the lilting tune of Pomp and Circumstance.

Their teachers could not be kept home by fear.  They came masked and gloved to hold signs as they waved good-bye to students they had watched grow over the past seven years.


Ms. Liz and Mr. Z wouldn’t miss this for the world.
Ms. Julie, Ms. Veronica, Mrs. Santiago, Coach Feierstein and Mr. Groezinger send their love from a safe distance.

There were a few hugs sneaked in as Mrs. Santiago shared tears and laughter with some of those students who fought the hardest to get to this day.


The Class of 2020 did not walk across the stage like they had planned for seven years.  They decked themselves out in their caps and gowns, they hung their tassels and banners of achievement around their necks and shared the evening with those who stood by them long before they walked the halls of Somerset Canyons.

Their names were called to silence on a YouTube live stream, but this class will not remain silent.  This class will one day stand higher than any stage. Luke Ortega said it well in his valedictorial speech, “our lives will end in the place we drive them to, so drive them to the stars”.

Congratulations, Class of 2020!  We will see you among the stars.