The Mental Health Crisis High School Students and Faculty Must Face

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Vivian Capraro, Staff Writer

  It is important to consider the mental health of the students attending public schools. Recently,mental health has been a growing issue, especially for High School students. Shedding light on this topic can help students feel supported and recognized by society.

 Many High School students struggle with their mental health. “Fifty percent of mental illness begins at the age of fourteen”, according to the American Psychiatric Association. This concludes that true health may be deeper than appearance. Further, education about mental illnesses like Anxiety and Depression can bring new understanding about all forms of health and self care. It can be challenging to face this alone, which is why most public schools have a guidance counselor available to students at all times. 

Schools that provide multiple outlets for students generally have healthier populations. The American School Counselor Association advises that each school has one counselor for every 250 students. This will help ensure that the student body is accounted for.

“Mental health’s a big issue nowadays, it is important to consider the students” , said Madison Barrass, a ninth grader at Somerset Canyons.

We must do all we can to shed light on this issue and get the necessary resources to help those dealing with it.