HOSA High School Regionals


Mrs. Berry

Students celebrate their victory at HOSA Regionals!

Briana Berry, Staff Writer

Thirty members have passed to States in Orlando. Taking place at Keiser University on January 27th, Somerset battled against differing schools in the region. Wearing professional suits and proud air of confidence, they went early that morning on a Greyhound bus. The competitions took the whole day to complete, ranging from knowledge tests, such as Medical Spelling, to presentations, such as Physical Therapy. With at most 58 events to choose from, the members chose the one appreciated by them. To place for States, the member must get scored 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the region, hard but doable if studied and prepared. While 30 members have won, two of which Freshman, the road to immense success is still an extensive path.
The club requires much studying, even more so when going to States. The competition will get harder, facing all passing HOSA members at Orlando, the number of wins for regionals grows every year, the organization increases in size. This year, the two winning Freshman, Willow Sherman, and Victoria CastaƱeda shown strong learning skills needed for such a rigorous program. When seeing Willow, the next day, I asked her a few questions.
Q: “What was your favorite part of HOSA Regionals, and why?”
A: “Making new friends, not just in our club, but in other clubs from other regions as well; it was my favorite because it got me to socialize and meet new people.”
Q: “When you heard your name called during the award ceremony, what were you feeling at that exact moment?”
A: “Completely shocked that I got placed at all because I didn’t think I was going to place.”
Q: “How did you feel knowing you and one other Freshman placed out of your whole grade?”
A: “Honestly, really excited knowing Freshman don’t usually place high and Victoria, and I placing was really overwhelming.”