Passionate Presents: A Valentine’s Day Guide


Jessica Eugene, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air! For years, this day has been spent to show loved ones what they mean to you and how much you care for them . Consequently, there can be a lot of pressure when picking the perfect gift for that special someone. So, instead of picking up those same boxes of chocolates and flowers , here are some creative and thoughtful gifts and activities to surprise someone with on the 14th. All of these ideas can be given to anyone you care for;  parents, significant others, kids or even friends.

Have a picnic date

Grab some treats and head to the park. A picnic is a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day and can be enjoyed in different ways. For example, you could bring a deck of cards and play a game or pack a speaker and jam out to some tunes with your loved one. 

Make a Valentine’s Gift Basket

To create this present, head to the store and buy some candy, flowers, and snacks. After doing so, arrange these goodies in a basket to give to someone special. This is a great way of gifting someone with their favorite items.

Make Some Treats

Go online and search for Valentine’s Day treats and food. You can make them for someone or use what you find as a fun activity to complete with your companion. Some examples for inspiration can include a heart shaped pizza, Valentine themed popcorn, or heart brownie pops.

Paint like Picasso

Grab some canvases and paint brushes and have a painting date with someone. You can either paint in an art center or buy the supplies and do a project at home. Hey, maybe you could even do it at the park during a picnic date!

Write a Letter

One of the easiest ways to show you care is by writing a heartfelt letter. This letter should convey how much you love and enjoy that special someone’s presence in your life.  


With these ideas, you’ll be sure to leave someone lovestruck this Valentine’s Day.