The 2019-2020 Football Season


Sasha Legagneur, Editor-in-Chief

The 2019 Football season was filled with both moments of joy and hardship. Although the Cougars dealt with difficult losses, the Football family grew closer than ever . With the cooperation of parents, players, and coaches, the team was able to reach new heights . 


When the family heard that  Omari Lowe would not return for the season, it hit hard. However, the opportunity to see Omari back on campus would be the biggest win the team could receive. We continue to keep Omari in our prayers and cannot wait for him to return as the powerful, strong man that he is. 


With every gain, there is a loss. With the addition of Coach Holden, Coach Hall, and Coach Greg and the leadership of Coach Halikman,  the team developed their skills and scheme development . Unfortunately, we had to say a tough goodbye to Coach Rhoden. Coach Rhoden has played a major role in the Somerset Athletic development for years. His leadership and motivation will surely be missed . 


Nathan Stracke, Ty Robbins, Chris Dileo, Timothy Ezeilo, Zach Harrington, and Benson Barnes  became valuable pieces of the puzzle , having grown as a result of last winter’s workouts and the intensity of summer training. New additions such as Enzo Melchionna and Keondre Pinkney moved the team to new lengths. Players such as Matthew Disisto, Julien Amaya, Carl Milord, Theo Glover, Michael Caristo, and John Oldano kept the team together. Although the team grew stronger, there were some hard setbacks . Sebastian Venerin, Giordani Point Du Jour, Julien Amaya, and Luis Nunez all faced injuries during the season. 


It cannot be denied that the record was difficult to face, with the team producing three wins and seven losses. However, after suffering through a difficult loss against Saint Andrews for the second year in a row, a spark struck the team. Towards the end of the season, the Cougars left with a bang. The team produced two consecutive wins! Although the team was delighted to end the season on such a high note, a stream of sadness flowed through the group. It will be exceptionally difficult to see our senior class, in which we have some of our strongest players, leave the family. However, we are glad to say that their talent will not be put to waste. As of right now, we have three seniors being recruited .Sebastian Venerin, a current senior, said “Overall, I believe the season was great. By glancing at our record, some may say this is not true. I ,however, would have to say the opposite. I believe we grew as a team and a family. I witnessed many young talents this year. I have hopes that next year’s players will be better than ever before.”


With all this said, the Cougar family will continue to grow stronger and bolder for next season. As we say goodbye to the year 2019 , we look forward to the opportunities that await to be tackled in 2020.