The Importance of ExtraCurricular Activities


The Middle school Chearleading Team.

Madison Barrass, Grammar Editor

It can be very daunting to carefully plan and schedule every aspect of the week.  Many students can find it difficult to balance school, extracurricular activities, and everything that one must deal with as a teenager.

It is crucial to begin thinking and becoming involved in extracurriculars as soon as possible. According to, “Keep in mind, however, that colleges are aware when you add a ton of extracurriculars your junior or senior year.” As early as freshman year, it is important to start joining clubs and sports. Extracurricular activities are also helpful as they can potentially spark interests later on when deciding on a career.

Extracurricular activities look terrific on resumes and college applications. Participating in extracurriculars with or without a mindset of what you want to do as a career can be beneficial, as colleges want more than just grades. Sports do not only help students stay in shape and practice the discipline necessary for studying, but helps them become well rounded. explains how activities such as debate team, student government, and arts clubs all look terrific in college resumes. Somerset offers a variety of clubs varying from the video game club to the debate club. also states, “Internships show that you’re capable of handling greater responsibility outside of regular classes and are also testing the waters in the workforce.” Having a variety of extracurriculars can  show that you are open and experienced, which can only help  within a student’s educational path.

The High School Soccer team hard at work!

While it is important to remember that advanced courses and extracurriculars are important, students also need to learn how to balance a life that can often feel chaotic.  Keeping in touch with family, friends, and mentors are not only important for building healthy relationships and maintaining a solid state of mental health, but it develops quality social skills.  In addition, good communication with teachers can help students travel on the right path.

Beginning to practice proper time management skills as soon as possible can only make a student’s educational experience easier.  Things as simple as planners can make a tremendous difference when having to plan for both due dates and downtime. “I write down what I need to do, and I schedule breaks so I can keep a clear mind.” says Isabella Pyle, a ninth grader.  For those taking higher level courses, it is important to remember that there may be less time for extracurriculars or a solid social life. However, it is necessary to remember that health comes before everything, as it is difficult to succeed while sick.  Several symptoms of being over-stressed, according to, can range from an increase in acne to long term pain.

Pyle also says, “[Time management] keeps my grades up and makes sure that I get everything done and still have time for family and friends.”

Members of the Green Club planning out future events.