No Joke! Jerry’s in the Atlantic

Plus a Tropical Update!


Courtesy of The National Hurricane Center

Jake Norton, Staff Writer

Hurricane Jerry has officially formed in the Atlantic Ocean. Jerry has rapidly strengthened from a tropical storm to a Hurricane, keeping a fast pace towards the northwest at 16 miles per hour. Jerry is expected to make an earlier turn and head towards the Bermuda. The forecast reports that Jerry is expected to reach a Category 1 at its maximum strength.
A high pressure system has moved over the Bahamas and has created a straight line past Bermuda. Therefore, unless the pressure system moves, the storm will miss Florida.

There are 3 disturbances in the Atlantic that have not formed. All these storms have a low chance of formation.

Disturbance 1 has the highest chance. If formed, this storm would pose a small threat to the Caribbean.

Disturbance 2 has a high chance of 30%. This storm is just south of the Dominican Republic and will likely only cause rain.

There is very little information on Disturbance 3, as it is just off the coast of Africa. This storm has a 20% chance to form.