Breaking! Tropical Depression Ten


Courtesy of the National Hurricane Center

Jake Norton, Weather Writer

Tropical Depression Ten formed as of 11 A.M. on Tuesday, September 17th, in the Atlantic Ocean. Ten is expected to strengthen to a tropical storm as early as tomorrow. Ten is expected to move northwest and strengthen to a Hurricane by Friday.

Forecasting the exact location is not possible at this time as this is a very early storm. A high pressure system is forecasted to sit over the Carolinas and Georgia, so it could steer the storm away from Florida, or right into Florida. This is definitely a storm to keep your eye on as it could very well threaten Florida.

Do not go grab everything of water from the grocery store because this storm could go onto sea and miss everything. However, this is a potentially dangerous storm. When a storm hits the warm waters of the tropical climate, the storm will strengthen rapidly. There is no upper level winds to stop this storm.

This storm could potentially be named Imelda when it turns into a tropical storm.

This storm could potentially hit the Bahamas, causing more damage than the damage that has already been caused.

Keep an eye on this out, as Florida could be threatened by the storm.