Calling All Pro Football Fans, the Season Has Started!


Jason Giallombardo

The Cougar's suit up for a varsity game as the NFL season gets underway.

Christy Cohen, Staff Writer

The NFL football season has just begun with the kick off happening on Thursday, September 5. The first game was between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. The game ended with a win for the Green Bay Packers with a score of 10 – 3. The NFL’s oldest rivalry is between these two teams and has continued since 1921!

The 2019 season is the hundredth season for the National Football League (NFL). The regular season ends Sunday, December 29. The 2020 Super Bowl will be hosted in Miami!  Set you calendars for February 22.

The next football games are on Sunday, September 8. The Falcons are going against the Vikings, the Bills against the Jets, and the Chiefs against the Jaguars.  Also on Sunday the Titans are playing the Browns and the Ravens are against the Dolphins.

Keep your eyes on the 100th NFL season.