SAC’s New Cougar Statue

Sasha Legagneur, Staff Writer

As many students have seen, there has been a new addition to Somerset Academy Canyons: a bronze cougar statue now prowls in front of our school. The faculty participated in the development of the statue in order to make it the best it could be. When asked a few questions about the statue, our principal – Mr. Groezinger – responded with the following:

Sasha Legagneur: “Why was the statue built?”

Mr. Groezinger: “The statue is here because we are the cougars! Every school needs a mascot. It builds school pride. Cougars are beautiful animals – they are strong and powerful, yet they move with grace and dignity. We desire those same qualities for our students.”

SL: “How were the resources to build the statue collected?”

Mr. G: “The cougar was graciously donated by our latest graduating class, the class of 2018. We are very grateful to the class of 2018 for their donation of the statue and for what it says about the ‘Cougar Pride’ at Somerset Academy Canyons.”

SL: “Is administration hoping to add some more features to the architecture of the statue?”

Mr. G: “Yes. In the next few weeks you will see the cougar’s habitat develop as our maintenance and Ms. Arroyo, Ms. Beira, Mr. Albeit, and our fantastic Art Department students work to make its environment more beautiful and proud.”

The process of naming the cougar is ongoing, but a name will be chosen shortly. We hope that the cougar embodies the school spirit that lives at Somerset Canyons.

Christina Salsberry