Timeless TV Shows


Image courtesy of Pixabay.com

Sasha Legagneur, Staff Writer

Picture this: it’s 1998. You kick off your shoes, find your favorite spot on the coach, and grab the TV remote. You press the power button and suddenly, you hear, “See no one told you life was gonna be this way,” accompanied by four iconic claps. In an instant, the world around you fades away, and you follow Rachel, Monica, Ross, Phoebe, Joey, and Chandler on their latest adventure.

Over twenty years later, you find yourself watching the same show, but this time you are watching reruns on the popular streaming service Netflix. After you watch this episode, you plan on watching more of America’s most beloved shows, like The Office, Full House, Seinfeld, and more.

These shows could be argued to be some of the most iconic and influential series to ever be on television. Their unique stylistic elements cannot be surpassed. These are the shows that will likely be watched by several generations.

Furthermore, one characteristic that all of these shows have in common is that, sadly, they have all ended. Many of the most iconic shows to appear on television are no longer being produced.

Will the television shows of today ever amount to the legacies left by those of previous generations? Although many think this is highly possible, numerous factors point towards the opposite.

First and foremost, the reason that so many shows airing in the late 2000s have been long gone and forgotten is because of the vast number produced. For example, 487 scripted shows were released in 2017! With so many options available, and more on the way, it becomes increasingly more difficult for each show to have a moment of fame in Hollywood before something new pushes it to the side. This contrasts greatly with the 1990s, where there were far less programs being produced.

Secondly, the most iconic shows had a unique quality to them that is hard to come across today – simplicity. These shows took plot lines that were extremely simple and made it their own. As a matter of fact, the plot of many old shows could be summarized by their titles alone! Examples include Friends, and The Office. These two programs aimed to take simple concepts and add humor and taste to them. There was no heavy or complex storyline. They just relied on genuine humor.

The most iconic shows are those that are timeless. They are the kinds of shows that will never be forgotten, will always be loved, and will be watched time and time again – even after several decades have passed since their last episode aired.