Sixth Annual Sixth Grade Greek Day


Toby Ramirez

The 6th grade boys came out in style.

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Colby Abuhoff and Jacob Norton

On Friday, February 22nd, our sixth grade students participated in Greek Day, an annual event held in the cafeteria, classrooms, the basketball court, and the field.

“The sixth-graders rotate from classroom to classroom every 20 minutes,” said Ms. Cusato, a sixth grade science teacher.

Toby Ramirez
Students enjoy food in classroom during Greek Day.

Between each interval of rotations, students competed in several different activities. The activities were a mix of both mental and physical competitions. The physical competitions were held outside, and the mental competitions were held inside.

“They do soccer, basketball, dizzy bats, and football [for the physical activities],” Ms. Cusato said.

This year was the school’s sixth annual Greek Day. With Greek Day being held every year, students benefit in many ways from this event.

“We do Greek Day similar to what they do in Greek times, and try foods and do mental and physical [competitions],” said Mrs. Lott, a sixth grade social studies teacher.

Not only did the students compete in competitions, but they were also given many traditional Greek foods. Additionally, they performed the play Hercules and later watched the Hercules movie during the Greek lunch.

Toby Ramirez
Students enjoyed a small feast of traditional Greek foods.

“My favorite part so far was the play: the Hercules play,” said Nailla Collin, a sixth grade student.

Greek Day may be very beneficial towards students’ understanding of the ancient Greeks and their culture.

Colby Abuhoff
Everyone got a small taste of the life of ancient Greece.

“We are celebrating ancient Greece with their accomplishments and Olympics, and the students are learning and having fun,” said Mrs. Greenberg, a sixth grade language arts teacher.

Toby Ramirez
Mr. Doren embraces the day with the dress of the common citizen.
Toby Ramirez
Mr. Combs takes his role as an ancient Greek Aristocrat.