How Can We Get More Sleep?


Students' fight to stay awake often trumps their fight to focus in class.

Colby Abuhoff and Peter Della Bella

Students at Somerset Academy Canyons lose countless hours of sleep each day. This loss of sleep could be due to a number of reasons, such as the amount of homework they receive, the amount of time spent studying, the amount of time they put into their sports, or even how much time they spend on gaming addictions.

When someone is sleep deprived, they may have mood changes or the inability to critically think. As these changes affect the function of a student’s mind, they may lose points in conduct and their overall grades may decline. As a student’s performance starts to decline, their overall scores begin to fall as well.

One solution to this issue is to start schools later in the morning. Instead of starting at 7:40 AM, the day could start at 9:00 AM while still ending at the same time. Even though education time is lost from this, it can be made up by adding some days on or even extending the school day if necessary.

Another solution to this problem is to extend due dates for homework. This solution, however, hinders the ability of the school environment to simulate that of the working world. This may slow the preparation of students for when they will eventually have to get a job.

All solutions to this issue branch out into smaller problems, although all are for the common purpose of keeping students healthy, always on task, and in school.