Staff Highlight: Ms. Arroyo Fires up the Art Department

Staff Highlight: Ms. Arroyo Fires up the Art Department

Christy Cohen, Staff Writer

Meet Ms. Arroyo, our 9th to 12th grade art and yearbook teacher.

She has always liked and had an interest in art, but did not want to pursue it until she reached college. She said, “I took one art class and was sold.”

She spent most of her life in Central Florida, right outside of Orlando. When growing up, she wanted to be a fashion designer and then a nurse, but later decided that she wanted to be an artist. She originally went to school for interior design, but realized that it was not for her.

Ms. Arroyo’s favorite artist is Salvador Dali, because despite being popular, he was also revolutionary and pursued dream-like states in surrealism.

Her favorite style of art is impressionistic art because it is less intimidating that other art styles and allows for all the essence of what is being painted to be captured.

There are many new activities that she is doing with the art students this year. “I am having students to do more abstract projects, and [I am] pushing them to do things that are more outside of the box,” she stated. She is also using clay this year and firing up the kiln (a furnace or oven used for baking, drying, and hardening items made from clay) with her 3-D art students.

Some of Ms. Arroyo’s hobbies include painting and making pottery. She also enjoys rollerblading and playing with her two Boxers.  Her favorite to place to visit is New Orleans, because she likes the culture there.