A Brief Look into the Wondrous World of Disney

Warning: potential spoilers ahead!

Sasha Legagneur, Staff Writer

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With around 56 animated classics to its name, the beloved company known as Disney has amazed viewers for decades. This year, our school will be hosting a Disney-themed spirit week. Students will be allowed to dress up as some of their favorite characters, bringing magic to our school.

Nearly everyone has a favorite Disney movie that they enjoyed, and some of those movies shaped childhoods.

When students were asked what their favorites were, two common answers were Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella. These well-known films have helped shape the big screen whilst also bringing significant fame to the production company.

Even though much of the audience sees the film to be entertained, they often gain knowledge before the credits roll.

From the characters that want the audience to be their guests, to the story of a girl who is tired of her provincial life, this tale as old as time is a popular fan-favorite that warms hearts worldwide. The Disney adaptation of Beauty and the Beast follows Belle, a young girl in a French village who wants more to her life. She wants something new and exciting, rather than being stuck in her small town. One day, after realizing her father has been gone for far too long on a journey, she sets out to find him.

She encounters something that leaves her in awe.

She finds both an enormous castle filled with objects who can speak, and the property’s owner: a towering, human-like beast. She soon learns that the beast will be forced to stay this way for the rest of his life unless he can find someone that he can love that will truly love him back. This will turn him human again. However, this must be accomplished before the last petal falls off of an enchanted flower he keeps carefully guarded.

As the story goes on, Belle and the Beast share a connection that quickly becomes love. By the end of the movie, the beast and all the objects in the castle are made human again and harmony is restored.

Beauty and the Beast is a compelling love story that, despite being based on a fairy tale, teaches an important lesson. It tells us that one should not judge a book by its cover, nor should they judge someone based off of their appearance. It also shows that actions have consequences.

The beast only ever got into this predicament because of the way he treated a woman who had once stumbled upon his castle.

From its touching story to its dazzling soundtrack, this tale is one that will go down in history.

Another fan-favorite that is debatably one of Disney’s most classic and well-known movies is the story of Cinderella.

Cinderella follows a young lady who lives with her stepsisters and stepmother, who mistreat and neglect her. They treat her as if she is worthless and amounts to almost nothing.

One day, the sisters and their mother go to a ball, leaving Cinderella at home. As she weeps, longing to go to the ball, her now-infamous fairy godmother appears and gives Cinderella a dress and glass slippers. She is told to go and return no later than midnight.

Soon before the clock strikes twelve, she realizes she is going to be late returning home and frantically rushes to leave, losing one of her slippers on the way out. The prince, whose family is hosting the ball, rushes after her, not knowing her situation. However, he is too late – she has gone, and only her slipper remains.

The prince cannot remember her face and never found out her name, and therefore has every woman in his kingdom try on the shoe in order to find her. Towards the end of his search, Cinderella ends up trying on the slipper. Of course, it fits. She and the prince live happily ever after.

One reason that Cinderella may appeal so much to people is that there are so many different versions of it. The story has been adapted so many ways in so many countries, so it does not appeal to just one type of audience.

Cinderella also teaches hope. It shows that someone does not have to stay in whatever situation they are put in. In Cinderella’s case, her fairy godmother helped her to meet the prince, who allowed her to escape a harsh home. In someone else’s case, their opportunity will come – regardless of whether or not fairies are involved.