New Fences Installed Around Field

Christina Salsberry, Editor

This summer, our school saw a change in the landscaping as fencing was added in order to enclose the field, as well as the lower middle and high school hallways.

When asked whether the fences had always been part of the original school plan or if they were new idea (and if so, why were they added), Mr. Groezinger replied, “The fencing installed around the field serves multiple purposes.

“First of all, the fencing is another layer of safety and security.  It makes access to the middle and high school buildings more secure.  Gates can be closed and locked thereby limiting access to those buildings and the fields. In this day when school safety is at the front of everyone’s minds, adding extra layers of protection is always prudent.

“An added bonus is that the gates will keep extra traffic off the fields.  In past years the grass, especially in the back of the middle school building, has worn away.  This not only looks unsightly, but also means sand and dirt are being trekked into classrooms and even into the gym.  The addition of the fences will keep the grass looking pristine as well as keep dirt and sand off the walkways and out of classrooms.”

Students, on the other hand, seem to have mixed feelings on the matter. Some are disappointed to see the fences installed.

“I think it looks bad, and it will be harder to travel quickly from the courts to the field,” said one high school student.

However, others are glad to have it.

“I don’t mind how it looks, and having a little extra security is nice,” said another student.