The Death of Dusk – Part 2

Ben Feuer, Head Creative Writer

The room was dark, with lighting only provided by two flickering fluorescent lights next to an old, somewhat dirty bed. There was a simple, black television on the wall across from the bed and a mysterious door at the opposite end from the entrance, next to the bathroom and closet. It triggered Alex’s curiosity. He walked over and tested the handle on the door. It was locked.


  Of course it’s locked, you idiot, It probably leads to another room.


Alex sighed. He then checked the bed for bed bugs, there were none, and lied upon it, thinking of Alice.


He remembered most of their last conversation even through all of these years. Alex and Alice went to the same high school in Long Island, New York. The two were good friends, and knew each other very well. It was the end of the last day of their senior year. Alex was trying to say goodbye to a few friends, but didn’t speak to Alice until the end of the day; she made his heartbeat soar. By the end of the day, though, he regretted it. After searching the entire school, he found her; she was sitting by the bus stop, alone and about to go home.


“ Alice!”


Alex screamed, running towards his friend and smiling. Alice turned around, noticing him and smiling back.


“Hi Alex.”


Alex sat down next to her, out of breath. Alice looked at Alex with concern.

“ Your out of breath. Why the rush?”

“I…” Alex tried to catch his breath. It was difficult, and he could barely manage his racing heart.  “I wanted to say goodbye to you.”

Alice shifted her gaze, silently nodding.

“ Alex… you said you wanted to join the military, right?”

“ I did.” Alex responded. “ My father is a general, and I want to someday finally begin to follow in his footsteps.”

“ Alright.” Alice looked concerned. “Don’t be too reckless. I do worry about you sometimes, you know?”

“You worry about me?”

“Of course, as a friend.”

“I see.”

Alice nodded. Alex gently sighed, very happy yet somehow disappointed at the same time.

“What about you?” Alex asked. “You have future plans as well, right?”

“I do. I have this really great idea for a business I want to start.”

“A business?”

“Yup” Alice smiled, and her eyes sparkled with determination. “I can’t tell you my idea yet, but when I am through with all of the work I’ll easily be a millionaire.”

“Where will you start it?”

“Los Angeles. That is the city I want to live in one day. I am even going to a trade college there to start off.”


Just as Alex opened his mouth, a bus stopped on the street in front of them. Alice stood up, gathering her things.

“All right.” Alex stood and held out his hand. “I’ll see you later then?”

Alice looked at Alex thoughtfully. She then embraced him, smiling.

“Promise me you’ll visit sometime, Alex.”

“ R-right… of course I will.” Alex was somewhat taken by surprise at the embrace.

The bus doors opened. Alice let Alex go and entered the bus. As she walked up the steps leading in, she stopped abruptly, turning around.

“I’ll see you.” Alice said. She smiled and waived.

“See you later, Alice.” Alex replied.

Even as the doors closed and the bus departed, Alex could still see Alice’s smile within his head. It was that smile that was the most beautiful thing about her.


Alex had to try to force his eyes open. He looked over to the alarm clock. It was now 2AM, and he realized, with shock, that he had unwillingly drifted off to sleep for four hours. He forced himself up and sat on the edge of the bed. Alex buried his face in his two palms as he began to cry. He missed Alice. He missed those carefree days of High School.


Why did I have to wake up?


The more he thought of that moment, the more his mental state deteriorated. Albeit, he remembered the promise he made to Alice. He was inclined to keep it.


  What the heck am I still doing here!? I’m only wasting time!


He had to find a way out of this room and back onto the road. He gathered his things and tried to open the door leading outside. It mysteriously locked overnight, and it was jammed even as Alex removed every single interior lock he had set. He checked the outside window. It just wouldn’t give either. He was trapped. He had no way out.  Upon looking outside, Alex’s eyes widened in dread.


The area outside was a black void of space where grass, sidewalk, and a lamppost used to be. Alex felt a sharp jolt down his spine.