Student Highlight: Kaitlynn Greaves

Myriella Philosthene and Corel Hicks

Many students know Kaitlynn Greaves as the captain of the Cougarettes drill team. Others may know her as the girl who isn’t afraid to step up to a dance challenge. What some people might not know is that she is a dancer at Sean’s Dance Factory (SDF). After dancing with the drill team, she goes straight to SDF for dance practice.

Kaitlynn said, “It’s really easy to juggle dance in and out of school because I’m doing what I love.”

Even though she balances school and dance, she still manages to be an honor roll student.

Kaitlynn started dancing because of her inspiration: Ysabelle Capitulé. Kaitlynn said, “She is my inspiration because she dances at her own pace, and she dances for herself.”