Staff Highlight: Ms. Joseph

Colby Abuhoff

Recently, Somerset Academy Canyons (SAC) has gotten a new school counselor: Ms. Joseph. She recently graduated from Florida Atlantic University and came to SAC after the previous 6th-7th-grade school counselor, Mrs. Owens, left to go back to college.

I spoke with Ms. Joseph to ask her some questions.

Q: What inspired you to become a 6th-7th-grade school counselor?

A: I grew up in a big family, and I was always being guided by different people, whether it was at church with pastors or the pastor’s wife, but I specifically remembered school, and I was an athlete my entire life and always had guidance in the school structure where I went to. I remember my coaches until now – my basketball coaches, my track and field coaches – had a huge impact in my life. Especially when life gets hard, and that happens especially when you get older now, in adolescent years – middle school, high school. When things were rough for me, I always had those people. I remember how much the made life easier for me, so I kind of wanted to do that for somebody else in a school setting, too – and I like 6th-7th grade ages.

Q: What are some of your goals for the time that you will be in SAC?

A: I want to help students with coping mechanisms, communications styles (since all our students are always doing things like texting, Instagramming, and social media), and I want to bring that people-connection back. I want to do a lot of small groups where students are connecting with each other, and learning coping mechanisms, learning how to deal with issues, and getting back to the basics. I think that is important.

Q: For the time you have been at SAC, how has it been?

A: It’s been exciting! There [are] a lot of things going on, especially at the time of year I started. I felt like it went so quickly, and everything is moving, and nothing is stopping at the time of the year now, so I had a lot of guidance from all the administration, all the teachers, and everyone has been so welcoming and so far, I like it. I like the students, and everyone has been really nice to me, so it’s been good.

Q: How do you think that the students can benefit from your help?

A: I think that they could benefit by just feeling comfortable, and feel comfortable coming to school knowing that I care for them, knowing I want the best for them, and knowing I’m here to help them in any aspect they need.

Q: What kind of resource would you consider yourself as to each student? What are you best in for helping students in certain situations?

A: Probably motivating. I am a very positive person, and I think that you are what you put into your life, and that’s how it’s going to manifest, so motivation is probably the biggest thing. I will always inspire the students. I would always encourage the students, and I think that is the biggest thing that anybody can have in their life, especially when life gets hard – so, definitely, I like to motivate my students.