The Middle School Students Learn Life-Long Lessons


Living Skills in the Schools (LSIS) is a substance abuse prevention and education program in which age-appropriate presenters share their personal experiences with substance abuse and the importance of maintaining an addiction-free lifestyle.

Alexa Plumb , Newspaper Staff Writer

On February 7th, 2018, Somerset Academy Canyons held a drug seminar in the middle school cafeteria. The seminar focused on telling the students how drugs affect the mind and the body. The speakers described their experiences with the different drugs and how it affected them and other around them.

“It was a great experience which helped me learn about the negative effects drugs could have on someone over a period of time,” said 8th grade student Grace Rinier.

The speakers told the students many times that taking drugs had a negative effect on the mind and the body. They told the audience that they lost friends, family, and time by doing drugs.

The drug seminar focused on convincing the students that drugs were bad. One speaker told everyone that talking was the key, and that it helped him get through his tough times.

He said, “Was I scared? Yeah. I realized that if I need help, I need to reach out, talk to someone.”