Middle School Musicians Score High Marks


Anthony Mieses, David Ranney, Kodi Barry and Jayden Noel.

Jahmeris Cenat and Alona Slaughter

Our middle school band has participated in the Florida Bandmasters Association (FBA) solo and ensemble event recently. The band split into 2 smaller groups, one, a percussion trio and a saxophone quartet. The percussion trio as well as the saxophone quarter received superior ratings, which is the highest rating possible.

This was the first year we ever participated. The percussion trio consisted of three people: Ryan Doepker, Gavin Haber, and Max Martin, all in 8th grade. In the saxophone quartet, there was Anthony Mieses, David Ranney, and Kodi Barry in 8th. Then Jayden Noel in 7th.

Ryan Doepker, Gavin Haber, and Max Martin

In an interview, Mr. Dunn (the school band teacher) responded:

Q: What will you do to top this Ensemble?
A: Looking forward to expanding, maybe double [the band]. We will start [practicing] earlier

Q: How will these ratings help the band?
A: With another big assessment coming up, having those seven students with such high ratings will help.

Q: How did you practice for the Ensemble?
A: We picked music off of a specific list that the state makes us use and then we broke up into smaller groups and practiced for 15 minutes every class and after school.

Q: How do you think the band will do on the upcoming concert?
A: I think we will do very well, it is going to be great. Band and chorus have another band assessment, hoping for and A

Q: What will make the upcoming concert on March 6th better than the last?
A: It is not holiday music, the music is more serious, more difficult to perform, and had to pick music from a state list.