SNHS Dives Into a Trip to Sea World

Christina Salsberry, Editor

Thursday, February 1st, Science National Honor Society (SNHS) club members went on a field trip to Sea World, in which students went on rides, both massive and minuscule, saw a wide variety of marine life, and had the opportunity to learn more about the oceanic environments found on Earth.

Ms. Resillez, the adviser of SNHS, explained to the News Crew that the students got to attend the trip for a couple reasons. To be able to go, the club must have raised enough donation money: a minimum that must be met before the trip is even an option. This money is then passed onto larger organizations, such as 4Ocean, who can then put the money to good use, in this case ocean conservation efforts.

Despite the number of rides they went on, students got to learn about the wide variety of animal life found on the planet. Some fun bits of trivia they learned is that orcas (killer whales) are the largest species of Dolphin, and that manatees and dugongs are the only two marine herbivorous mammals.

During the middle of the trip, Ms. Resillez met up with all of the club members to see how intelligent dolphins are during a show presented at the park, where dolphins and trainers flaunted their abilities and tricks through communication and teamwork.

Everyone had an amazing time on the trip, and were glad to enjoy a thrilling day together for all of their hard work throughout the year.