Valentine’s Day: What is a Soulmate?


Grace Gosinanont, Author/Photographer

What is a soulmate? People can describe it to be different things: some say that it’s a sudden want for someone, others say it is the one person in the whole universe that should matter to you, but, why does anyone not see a soulmate as something more minimalist?

 A soulmate is giving someone the last ice cream cone. It is that moment when you come home from a chilly day and are engulfed by warmth. It is the time when you take a deep breath and feel your lungs fill with air and your heart slow. A soulmate should not be a person that takes your breath away or someone that makes you instantly nervous when you’re around them. A soulmate is someone who you instantly feel connected to, someone that you can talk to for hours about polar bears or scary movies and never get bored about it, someone that takes you into their arms and immediately makes you feel as if you are home.

A soulmate knows you better than you know yourself sometimes. They are the key to opening up pieces of your heart that you did not even know existed at the time. They have the ability to become your parent, best friend, and love of your life all at the same time. You do not have any feelings that you do not deserve your soulmate because they do not make you feel that way. A soulmate isn’t supposed to feel like they are your competitor but instead a partner. They are not someone that you need to strive to be because they treat you as their equal.

They fill your eyes with starlight and your heart with hope; Hope, that is what a soulmate is meant to represent. The hope that this is the last person who you will ever need to give your heart to. The hope that this time, nothing is going to go down in flames. The hope that this is your forever and you are not going to be paranoid about what comes next. The hope that you do not need a reason to be paranoid because every step you take from now on will have them by your side.

A soulmate understands that everyone has their breaking point. They know that in order for growth to happen, sometimes you need to be given space. Everyone has their own version of strength and a soulmate is willing to wait for you to be strong enough to start again.  A soulmate is not perfect, nothing can be. Love cannot be put to a science and sometimes the most beautiful stories come from the most messy beginnings, and they know that. A soulmate is not meant to be the person to fix a scarred heart, but instead someone who makes that person forget those scars existed in the first place. A soulmate has no boundaries. They can be found in any way, shape, or form and you will not care, because they are your soulmate.