Seventh-Grade Sax Player Represents SAC’s Band at Districts


Jayden Noel took a moment to enjoy her accomplishments with Mr. Dunn.

Jahmeris Cenat and Katia Campos

Jayden Noel is a 7th-grade saxophone player who has taken the challenge to audition for districts after only being in band for a year. Somerset band teacher Mr. Dunn informed us that, “Each year, the band directors in Palm Beach County have open auditions to determine who are the best instrumentalists on the various instruments.”

Jayden was very nervous before the audition. She said, “There were a lot of saxophone players auditioning, so the line to the audition was long.” Even though she was nervous, she put aside her thoughts and played the best she could.
After being in the beginning band for only a year, taking on a challenge like this had many questioning her inspiration. Jayden responded with her being “inspired by success” and wanting “to be the best player I can be.”

Jayden performed with the Palm Beach County District Band on January 19th to a standing-room-only audience.