The Talent of Les Misérables

The Talent of Les Misérables

Pilar Rolle-Crossman, Author

On January 12th, 13th, 19th, and 20th, four students from this school will be in the production of Les Misérables at Standing Ovation Performing Arts.

Emma Brown, an 8th grader, has the lead of the play as older Cosette. The talented 8th grader didn’t originally audition for that part. Brown said, “I originally auditioned for Eponine, but the directors said I had the vocal range for it [Cosette] and it turned out amazing.” When asked if she could relate to her character, she gave a reply with passion, “I can relate to Cosette because she’s adopted and I’m adopted; we both were taken in by amazing families.”

Holly Sutton, an 11th grader, plays several roles in the production: Constable #1, Beggar, Major Domo, and Joly. “Constable and Major Domo are sticklers for the rules, and I tend to follow the rules,” said Sutton when asked how she related to the characters. “Beggar is desperate for things in need and Joly fights for things, and everyone is always in need of things, and we tend to fight for things that are right.” She stated that the play is generally her favorite and she feels as if she can add more.

Playing the roles of Worker #1, Lovely Lady #1, Grantaire, Inn Guest, Wedding Guest, and fake Jean Valjean is 11th grader Reyna Jackson. “The worker’s husband is fighting in war, and she has to work to provide for her children so she works, and Grantaire has had a great life but he realizes that the war has affected his friends, so he joins the war because of it”, said Jackson, “Lovely Lady is an abandoned young woman who turns to prostitution to make a living, Wedding Guest is just a part of the upper class, Inn Guest just has a lot of problems in her life, and fake Jean Valjean is trying to make ends meet but gets accused of a crime.”

Freshman Shayna Lefrak plays the part of Young Cosette. When asked how she felt about singing one of the most famous songs in Broadway history, Lefrak stated that it is an amazing opportunity and she is really grateful to be a part of it.